Nadia Styles returns to Sex and Submission with Tommy Pistol in this kinky role play with rough sex and bondage.What happens when Elise Graves and PD want to use Dixon Mason at the same time? Well, like any good team they share.In order to continue to bring you the best in unique and creative BDSM
variety, recently sent a crew to Tokyo, Japan to work with
one of the best Shibari guys in the business, Osada Steve.  Having
spent years training with one of the most prolific Japanese masters,
Osada Steve presents his unique style and his own local models for our 
pleasure.  And pleasurable it is!  Brace yourselves for a little
culture shock as Osada Steve and his favorite model, Ageha show us
their unique style of play.  And try to keep in mind that everything
these two amazing players are doing is not only completely consensual 
but a turn on for them both.
Enjoy! Lew RubensFreja tied up naked in bed
We like to get to know the girls when we're tormenting them during our live feeds. For some of them, HOW they answer is as important as what they say. Take the difference between Mollie Rose and Penny Barber for instance. Mollie gives us perfect answers with a sweet disposition. Penny is a brat who would rather tell us how dumb the questions are. That's fine, though. We'll see how long that lasts.Missy has one of the whiniest voices, and it sounds so dirty when we make her call us bondage
Manu and Laela are filthy slutty animals that need to be fully disgraced. Mona Wales treats these two busty anal sluts like dogs fighting over a dirty bone. How embarrassing! These two fuck sluts later get filled by men and machines in their tight holes. The crowd is overwhelmed by the humiliations these two are going through and the heat gets the better of two gorgeous lesbians who get naked and start fucking each other as well! Do not miss this Public Disgrace!Firm Hand Spankingfree big tits torture
Prick Teasers
outdoor bondagetorture my tits electrical breast torture
Cradle of Pain Gallery #74

Trainer's Report

Subject Id:  #178
Sesh Id: #5364

Case Review

Re-state the Hypothesis: Subject begins in Bdsm at a youthfull age, operates in a singular ego state of uncertainty and acquiescence.  Not to be bewildered with subjugation, this meek attitude serves as the vehicle for explorations in Domination & Submission and slavehood.
Evolving conditions positively impact growth into an Adult state of adequate assertiveness and manage over her decisions.
Subjugation, however, becomes distant due to it's persistent association with the preceding Child ego-state.  Meek means powerless, and submission is strapped to this prior defenseless state. Efforts to predominate her met with psychological reactance resulting in confusion, resistance, and inner fight.
Supporting Evidence

Easier to engage in strength games with strangers than with those more habitual.
Discussions uncover a resonance with the principles of reactance
Behaviour offer Erikson's 'identity crisis':

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Firm Arm Spanking
Charlotte has one of the most amazing all natural bodies to ever set foot on our sets. She loves bondage as much as she loves suffering for The Pope. She is put in predicament bondage, suspensions, and tormented to the edge of breaking. She holds on and gets through the torment to get the ultimate prize, which is mind blowing orgasms.
Seven has a mean streak and MIP is the perfect place for her to action out her fantasy.  Bi-racial domination is the subject of the day, and Seven drapes, beats, humiliates and tears up this poor slave fellow within an inch of climax and makes him pray for release.Now that we have our final two marionette, We commence out with postures and protocol. We test their  integrity with a nipple tug of war. They are ran through the positions and then on to some restrain bondage, with anguish tolerance. We do some canning and bastinado and give them an orgasm for their reward. Next, the slaves are put into some serious predicament bondage bondage with some fine ol' fashioned water torment. We accomplish with blue in an intense suspension and crimson is free to love blue's body, along with another ejaculation.
Felony is feisty, and she likes to be in control. For girls like this the ultimate humiliation is being taken in public and told what to do, made to act like a fuck hole, and made to take pain and punishment from strangers. She gives in, then she gets angry, then she gets horny, then she gets more angry. She's one fucking hot roller coaster you won't want to miss. At the end she is stripped of all identity and left chained in a cardboard glory hole for random dicks to be serviced in. How do you like them apples Felony? Oh, that's right, no one cares.
Sexually BrokenSteve Holmes is out with his latest slave Candy Alexa! She is a gorgeous busty blonde bombshell and she gets her huge perfect tits out in public for all the crowds to see! What could make this better!? Well out for a walk we run into Proxy Paige and Carolina Abril! These two sluts want in on all the action!!! Steve takes all of them to a restaurant filled with horny customers. Everyone gets their hands full of tits while this public sex party gets started! Do not miss Candy in leather bondage, nipple clamps, and corporal punishment! She gets drenched in cum while Proxy and Carolina join in!

SYD Black 
The Nightmare
HT: 5'2
WT: 115lbs
Lifetime record (7-2)
Ranked 1st

HT: 5'7
WT: 148lbs
Lifetime record (2-0)
Ranked 8th

Welcome to the 2nd annual Summer Revenge elimination tournament where the top sixteen Season Five wrestlers battle it out to observe who will be the overall Ultimate Give Up champion for 2008. 
Syd Final Day
Some women are slaves, best used for service. Others are bitches, their suffering IS their value.  Kristine is the 3rd kind, a slut with holes that beg to be filled.  The look in her eye when she sucks cock cries for approval.  When PD bends her over and pounds her honeypot she just begs for more.  Getting rammed with cock is its own reward.  It is the most beautiful of submissions.Spanking Experience
The one and only Audrey Hollander is the ultimate submissive and makes her debut here with James Deen.  She plays an unfaithful wife of a politician who gets blackmailed and used up like a fuck doll.Firm Hand Spanking

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Dylan's on a date at the club. She strolls into the femmes's douche stall and finds a cool coochie in the glory fuck-hole. Dylan does what any nosey slut would do in that situation and massages and plays with it. What she doesn't know is that on the other side of that wall stands Felony, a sadomasochistic lesbo just waiting for a dirty slut to walk in and fall in her trap. Felony penalizes Dylan for being curious and making her vulva wet. Dylan's head is shoveled in the toilet, she's dame handled and finger pounded to ejaculation then dragged to the alley behind the pub. Dylan's put in bondage, tortured, made to squirt, glazed in dirt and fucked deep in her butt like the filthy curious bitch she is.It's a beautiful Sunday Brunch and The House is filled with our most salacious local Sadism & Masochism players. Service should be unblemished, with senior house subs Darling and Gabriella on mitt.Their only job is to handle 19 year old all congenital new-cummer Sydney Cole and obey strawberries, gargle jobs, entertaining climaxes, and let the guests pin their tits. Promptly the Steward's orderly celebration is in wreck. Gabriella can't stop sneering with a rock hard knob in her mouth, the fresh girls peeps like a mouse when she cums, and Darling keeps losing the butt speculum out of her whorey booty while conforming strawberries.  Embarrassed by this demonstrate of inept delegation and grace, the Steward grabs Gabriella's collar and placed her in heavy chains as the Drool Slave. If she can't stop smiling, her jaws will be of use oiling Darling's ass for a punishment shagging. Darling has lost her neck corset as well and as is strung up in a aggressive suspension to be used anally by our horny palace guest. Once Darling has endured beautifully and earned her place as old gimp back it is Gabriella's turn to be stuffed with trouser snake in tight leather restraints. Gabriella's dazed face is priceless as she takes a monster cock in her ass and apologizes for her smirking ways. Meantime, Darling tries to get ready Sydney for sexual service by teaching her rules with a magic wand and whip. Guests become nasty and create a series of rousing Bondage & Discipline play scenes with strap bondage, paddling, Cbt, and gargle jobs. Once Gabriella and Darling are both back in their collars, having suffered and apologized appropriately, they finish the day teaching virginal little Sydney how to keep the crowd happy and make a man sausage cum.chinese bondage
Lauren Phillips is a tall drink of water with giant boobs and a fucking attitude. She strolls right into the Upper Floor Lounge, abuses the staff for her amusement, gets her pussy licked by the head slave while demanding a punishment pounding for Cherry's sore pink cunt. When the humbled staff discover she is no longer married to the Master of The House, and visiting only to steal jewelry, they take her down a hundred pegs and transform her into the lowly anal whore she is. Tight nipple clamps, caning, rough anal, humiliation, electro torment, punishing orgasms, and pearls pulled out of and stuffed in all her holes is only the beginning for this gold digging slut.
Outdoor bondage is her first step to submission and obedienceCrimson hot chick luring kinky man into strap-on fucking in various positionsTIED VIRGINSFirm Forearm Spanking

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